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Below are the screenplays written by Shein Davis & Fuller

Kona Movie Poster 24X36.jpg
Kona title only.png


As a childhood cancer survivor, Melanie has seen a few good years with no evidence of disease, but in the back of her mind, she is always waiting for the other shoe to drop. Being a normal teen is what she has always wanted, so when she’s offered a dream job at the Blue Haven Aquarium, she jumps at the chance.

No one has told Melanie about Chase MaKenzie, the guy she is paired to be working with, nor the new best friend she’ll find in the watery depths. Melanie’s world is about to change forever.

Heart touching, witty, and at times heartbreaking, Kona explores the depths of friendship and love.

Under the Aurora Sky-poster.jpg

When one high-strung journalist, city born and bred, is sent into the wilderness to write a prize-winning story, what he finds instead is a life-altering adventure filled with danger and the one female that can tame his heart.

Under the Aurora Sky.png
A Forever Home for the Holidays 1800x270
A Forever Home title.png

A heart touching story of a girl in foster care who has lost everything that ever meant anything to her. She finds a Christmas miracle in the place she least expects to find it.

A Forever Home for the Holidays is an emotional roller coaster that explores friendship, trust, and love.

Through the Mortal Veil Movie Poster.jpg
Titlr only color.png

Season 1 of Through the Mortal Veil is an eleven episode TV Series based on the Young Adult Gothic Dark Fantasy novel.

When twin siblings turn sixteen, their world is upended by the sudden onset of magical powers which sends them to a world they’ve only dreamed about in their nightmares.

Destined Guardians poster
The Destined Guardian title.png

Season 1 of The Destined Guardians is a ten episode TV Series based on book one of the series Call of the Phoenix. Call of the Phoenix is a Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy.

When a young teenage girl moves to Machu Picchu to live with her estranged archeologist father, strange and magical things start to happen when she finds a broken amulet in the ruins of Machu Picchu.

Primordial Code Movie Poster .jpg
Primordial Code Title only.png

Primordial Code is a Young Adult SciFi Fantasy Thriller. It is a 90 minute feature based on the novel.

A teenage girl’s life seems complete until a car accident puts her best friend into a coma, and the only way she can reach him is to bring his dream alive by creating a dinosaur, but the consequences have them running for their lives.

Thunder Poster-3.jpg
Thunder title only.png

Thunder is a 90 minute feature based on the bestselling middle-grade Fantasy novel, Thunder: An Elephant's Journey.

When a young elephant is separated from his herd by poachers, he must confront his fears to fulfill a dream and become a legend.

8.5x11 The Mighty Tusks poster.jpg
The Mighty Tusks logo.png

The Mighty Tusks is a 90 minute coming of age animated feature drama based on the novel The Mighty Tusks.

A coming of age story about a naïve but ambitious young elephant that dreams of joining a federation of legendary tuskers, finds his world upended when his best friend is captured by the obambo’s ghosts, a faction of the evil Obambo and must risk everything to defeat the evil to restore balance to the jungle.

Soulless Legacy 24x36.jpg
Soulless Legacy Title.png

Soulless Legacy is a 104 minute Vampire Dark Fantasy Romantic Suspense based on the book Blood, Body and Mind by Kathi S. Barton

When the worlds of Vampires and magic collide, it will take the joining of both to survive.


When a powerful vampire takes over the local kiss, what should have been an easy transition is wrought with betrayal, and his unexpected salvation comes from a human with extraordinary magical power.

When She Wasn't Looking poster.jpg
When She Wasn't Looking title

When She Wasn't Looking is a 112 Minute Romantic Comedy/Drama/Suspense based on the book When She Wasn't Looking by Julie Parker.

When a young novelist living alone discovers illegal crops being grown a short distance from her home, her writer’s curiosity could get her into trouble, possibly killed.

The Incredible Seed Crackers Poster 24x36.jpg
Title and Subtitle new.png

The Incredible Seed Crackers is  90 Family/Drama/Mystery/Adventure based on the book The Incredible Seed Crackers by Melissa Davis, Erik Daniel Shein, & Karen Fuller

Two zany bird detectives and a sidekick trainee want to solve the mystery of The Legend of Hushma but suddenly find themselves in a pickle when the rats intervene, causing more chaos, and they must risk everything to solve the mystery and restore balance to the island.

Rocket Hounds 8.5x11 poster.jpg
Rocket Hounds Logo.png

Rocket Hounds is  90 Family/Comedy/Adventure based on the book The Incredible Seed Crackers by Melissa Davis, Erik Daniel Shein, & Karen Fuller

When two young pups, Cody and Taz, are brought to Oaktree Farm, they have no idea what new life is in store for them. The chocolate lab and Australian shepherd are big fans of the infamous circuit champion Rocket. The Great Dane decides to help train them to run agility courses with him to help bring the title back home to the farm.

The Haunting of Destiny Dove poster2 24x36.jpg
The Haunting of Destiny Dove title

The Haunting of Destiny Dove is a 120 Minute Horror/ Supernatural Suspense based on the book The Haunting of Destiny Dove by Kelly Abell.

After losing her family to a tragic accent, a young teen is sent to live with her estranged grandmother, who she was taught her entire life to fear, and her life horrifically spins out of control when the family secret is revealed, a legacy she can’t escape from.

Send Me an Angel poster
Send Me an Angel title only.png

Send Me an Angel is a 104 Minute Canadian Contemporary Romance based on the book Send me an Angel by Julie Parker.

A young widowed woman struggling to raise a young son on her own has her life upended when a famous author rents her uncle’s lakefront cottage for the summer.

EverGreen Movie Poster 24x36 -1.jpg

EverGreen is a 103 Minute Young Adult/Fae/Fantasy/Romantic Suspense based on the book EverGreen by Abby Farnsworth.

An eighteen-year-old high school senior leads a perfectly normal life until she meets an alluring, secretive boy she’s falling in love with, and when she’s brought into his magical world, she discovers he may not be human.

EverGreen title only 2.png
Aurora poster.jpg
Aurora title.png

Aurora is a 90 Minute Young Family/Comedy/Adventure/Drama based on the book Aurora Spirit Bear of the North by Erik Daniel Shein and Melissa Davis.

Sometimes magic brings together the most unlikely of friends. This is one of those stories.

Dont's Speak Movie Poster 27x40-1.jpg
Don't Speak title only

Don't Speak is a 102 minute Supernatural Thriller / Psychological Thriller/ Horror screenplay based on the book Don't Speak by RaeAnn Carter

When four college students decide to rent a secluded house out in the country, they quickly realize their new neighbors have only one request—“Shh, don’t speak!”

Peripheral poster 24x36.jpg
Peripheral title only.png

Peripheral is a 120 minute Supernatural Thriller / Horror screenplay based on the book Peripheral by John Ryland

When a young woman hits her head in a seemingly harmless fall, she finds herself in a strange world between life and death, and if she can’t find a way to save herself from this haunting place soon, the demon will destroy her physical body, trapping her in the Peripheral forever.

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