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A Hole in Her Sky 1800x2700.jpg

A Hole in Her Sky

 Authors: Erik Daniel Shein, Melissa Davis, and Karen Fuller

Hardback ISBN: 9798891260573

Paperback ISBN: 9798891260580

E-Book ISBN: 9798891260597

Release Date 10/24/2023

YA Coming of Age/Friendship/Family/Romance

Still reeling from the loss of her twin sister, 17-year-old Maddie Tyler spends the summer with her grandmother in a sleepy country town. As she struggles with grief and abandonment, she finds hope in reconnecting with her childhood crush, Tristen. But their budding romance ignites a generations-old feud between their families. When a search for legendary treasure goes awry, Maddie must dig deep to find the will to survive. This poignant YA novel explores grief, family bonds, and discovering inner strength when faced with unimaginable loss.

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